The Gentlemen: A Hidden Gem

Alright listen, I won’t pretend to be a cinephile, heck I’m usually way behind the curve when it comes to seeing movies, but over the weekend Intern Ben and I were bored so naturally, Netflix was opened up. After the usual two-and-a-half-hour scroll through the endless stream of movie and TV shows, a particular title popped up—the Gentlemen. And by God am I glad that we turned it on. This is an absolute Masterpiece.

This movie is about a group of druglords in the United Kingdom all vying for the Empire of weed that is owned by Matthew McConaughey himself. And everything about it is great. First of all the cast is absolutely amazing. Matt kills it, as he always does, playing the Alpha Male of the movie whose Empire is being sold. Colin Farrell puts in some great work as an Irish coach turned mobster to protect the group of boys under his care. His charisma and quips had me somehow rooting for him more than the main characters. Oh, and in the biggest surprise of all time Hugh Grant made an appearance as a reporter trying to topple the criminal empire from the inside out, and my goodness did he kill this quasi-comedic role. 

The acting wasn’t the only thing about this movie that was amazing. The cinematography was spectacular. The whole movie was filmed as though you were supposed to be viewing the post-production editing process of the movie. I loved the change in film reel style paired with the dialogue that Hugh Grant spoke as he laid out his findings as a pitch for a movie. It immediately hooked me into the setup and had me wanting more. 

Honestly, there wasn’t really anything bad about this movie, the soundtrack, the lighting, the color pallet. It was just a masterclass of a film. I highly recommend this one to anyone who likes a balls-to-the-wall action film. But also to those who love the more fun, fast-paced comedy. If you couldn’t tell I just really enjoyed this film. 9.7/10. Watch it.

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Written by tfmace

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