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The Greatest Playoff Weekend in NFL History Should Have Been Better

The past few days provided America with the greatest weekend of playoff football that I’ve ever seen.

First we got to watch Joe Burrow and the Bengals take down the Titans on a last minute field goal. To make things even better, the Bengals kicker, Evan McPherson said, “Guess we’re going to the AFC championship,” before he kicked it.

Next up we got to watch Jimmy G and the 49ers beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. I’m not an Aaron Rodgers hater, and I don’t think Jimmy G 1. will make it to the Super Bowl and 2. deserves to go to the Super Bowl, but aren’t we all just a little bit tired of the Packers? Again, we get to see a game end in a last second field goal.

Then we switch over to the Rams game. I was grocery shopping for most of it, and I didn’t even feel bad about it because the Buccaneers were having their asses handed to them. But as much as I hate him, Brady is the GOAT and brought them right back in it. Only for the best wide receiver in the NFL to clutch up for his team with no time left and allow Matt Gay to hit the game winning field goal.

Finally, we watched the greatest playoff football game since Super Bowl LII (the greatest football game ever played). The fact that Patrick Mahomes was able to take the Chiefs down the field and get them into field goal position with only 13 seconds left is beyond impressive, but let’s not forget that Josh Allen was brilliant for the Bills the entire game. That’s why the fact that it had to go to overtime is such a huge waste. We were quite literally watching one of the greatest football games ever played, and we had to have it slightly ruined by the fact that it went to overtime.

Seriously, how is it that the greatest sport of all time has the absolute worst overtime rule in sports? I think we all know that had the coin landed on tails, we’d be seeing the Bills in the AFC championship next week, just like Josh Allen said. The fact that he didn’t even get a shot to keep his team in it is one of the all-time stupidest rules in sports.

You’d think the NFL would want to fix it, too, because it would make the games ten times better. That would take some kind of competence from the commissioner, though, and everybody knows that Roger Goodell is the biggest buffoon to ever hold any position of power in sports.

Change the overtime rule. Please. It’s painful at this point.

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