The Home Run Derby Is Not All Fun And Games; We Have Children Hurt And People Flipping Over Rails

The home run derby is one of the best All Star events in all of sports. People want to love the Slam Dunk contest, but we have seen all of the dunks a thousand times and it’s gotten bored and stagnant. The last time the Slam Dunk contest was great was when it was LaVine vs Gordon.

The Home Run Derby is competitive, has real stakes since the winner gets one million dollars. Peter Alonso who just won has made 2 million dollars in the Derby compared to his career earnings which have been $1,473,449. Taking the Derby serious has paid off for Alonso.

It’s great watching your favorite baseball players hit balls over 500 feet, but it’s not all fun and games. For some unknown reason, they put children in the outfield. Let the kids have fun, catch some balls, make memories that will last forever, but watch out; you have balls coming in at you going 100+ MPH. I’m not going to lie; I may root for children to get drilled, don’t lie. You would also find it funny. No children were hit this time, but that doesn’t mean that everybody left unscathed.

ESPN really robbed us of how this child got hurt. Was it a stray ball to the leg, a collision with another 12 years old, maybe a freak accident? This child has more balls than me, though when I got hurt and dislocated my knee, the Wambulance had to be called, and I had to be stretchered off the ice. Hopefully, this kid is alright, but warning, make sure to stretch before shagging fly balls. Back in 2016, we had a grown-ass man take out a child for a loose ball. Have they never heard of communication screaming “I got it” is key when playing in the outfield. God damn bull in a china shop situation.

That little smile that the man gives is when you know you fucked up but have no idea what to do. It’s the “I don’t know what to do with my hands” meme in real life. What sparked this blog wasn’t from children getting hurt, but it was this video.

I’ve never caught a home run or foul ball, but this man went full send for this ball. He didn’t give a flying fuck about that railing. He extended farther than you try to extend your dick for a dick pic. As he is flipping over the railing there are multiple people there to break his fall. As he is flipping over the railing there’s a woman who is right underneath him. She doesn’t try at all instead her hands fly up in the air, and she acts like she was the one that flipped over the railing. She then turns around and starts heading back to probably buy another $12 beer. There’s another man who is next to the woman who doesn’t even recognize this guy. He actually gets hit with the guy’s legs and he keeps on walking like he didn’t get hit by a random leg.

Somebody didn’t realize that the higher altitude will get you very drunk very quickly. This man seemed to get up pretty quickly; hopefully, his body was loose from the five $12 beers he had before he fell.

Written by Mailman Dave

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