The Indiana Pacers Might’ve Just Saved Caris LeVert’s Life

Caris LeVert was part of the blockbuster trade that included James Harden to the Nets, Victor Oladipo to the Rockets, Jarrett Allen to the Cavs, and Caris LeVert to the Pacers. As with every trade players have to complete a psychical before the trade is 100% finalized. Harden went from your fat uncle who groans when he gets up from the couch to an athlete within a week.

It wasn’t the same for Caris LeVert as his psychical revealed a small mass that was on his kidney. LeVert is now out indefinitely. Hearing a mass on any organ is very scary news. Thankfully for LeVert most small masses are non cancerous. Who knows what would’ve happened if LeVert wasn’t traded? In a worst case scenario that mass could’ve gone unnoticed, and grown to be a serious problem for LeVert.

Hopefully LeVert can come back this season and help the Pacers. With the health problems that were revealed by LeVert’s psychical the Brooklyn Nets sent the Pacers 2.6 million in a revised trade. The Pacers have started off the season like they always do which is being a solid team. The Pacers are currently sitting at the 3rd seed with a 8-4 record. Domantas Sabonis is looking like an All Pro player averaging 21.9 points and 12.8 rebounds. With the addition of LeVert to go with Sabonis and Malcom Brogdon the Pacers will be one of the top teams in the East.

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