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The Marshawn Lynch DUI Saga Continues…

With the recent release of police cam footage from his arrest, the Marshawn Lynch DUI case has just gotten even more complicated. As seen in the video below, Lynch is completely out of it while being questioned by police, ultimately being pulled from his car (which had not only flat but missing tires) and was restrained on the pavement.

If lacking context, the clip of Lynch being aggressively pressed to the ground may seem cruel and unnecessary. But, due to his noncompliance with the police, many are debating if there was actually any foul play with this arrest. Personally, I’m not all too interested in the controversy that may arise from this video. All I care about is digging up some details about how wild of a night Marshawn had prior to this arrest. How far gone do you have to be to not notice almost all of your tires are busted? I mean, “Beast Mode” was absolutely sauced at 7:50 am, just chilling out in a car so totaled you couldn’t even replicate it in Grand Theft Auto. Seriously, look at this guy:

This is the same Marshawn Lynch who shed like seventeen tackles in a single play to carry the Seattle Seahawks to a playoff win against the New Orleans Saints in 2011. For his entire career, Marshawn was known as a DAWG, but this sure isn’t adding to his legacy. At this point though, I don’t wanna pay any more attention to a stupid decision that ended up poorly. So instead, I’m gonna use my time productively and watch the “beastquake” on loop. I hope you join me:

*Information for this article was obtained from TMZ*

Written by the godfather

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