The Memphis Tigers College Basketball Team Is Now The Coolest Team After Hiring Rasheed Wallace

Penny Hardaway is already one of the coolest men known to mankind. His spin moves were cool, and even his shoe commercials were great. Who didn’t love Lil Penny? If you don’t remember, he was one of the first players whose career was cut short because of injuries. After the 1997 season, he was never the same as he dealt with injuries to his knees. Before the injuries, Penny and Shaq on the Magic knocked Jordan out of the playoffs and made it to the finals before Shaq was drawn to the bright lights of Hollywood.

I know that the highlights are 30 minutes long, but what else are you doing on a Wednesday night. The 5 porn videos can wait until later tonight. So Memphis was already cool with Penny, now they Rasheed Wallace? Who has one of the coolest sayings in NBA history in Ball Don’t Lie. You get a shitty foul called on you, and then the person misses the free throws; you get to scream Ball Don’t Lie. Because at the end of the day, refs might lie, but the ball never does.

Penny and Sheed can be cool as shit, but that doesn’t matter if they can’t make the tournament which is something they have failed to do. I know that James Wiseman peaced out after only three games like that four you brought home the second she saw the little inch worming you have. It looks Penny isn’t done yet as Emoni Bates, the 3rd ranked high school prospect from ESPN, visited them today. If he commits to the Tigers, he’ll join Jalen Duren, the 7th prospect from ESPN who has already committed to Penny.

Memphis will have the talent, but will it be enough to make the tournament and make a run? Regardless of how great they are, Memphis will be must-watch tv every time they play. Their bench will be electric with Penny and Sheed, oh and I forgot Larry Brown. You know the Larry Brown that coached the Pistons who had Sheed, Ben Wallace, and Chauncey Billups. I just hope that we get to see at least one technical called on Rasheed Wallace.

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