The Morning After a Night Out can be Worse than Just a Hangover

Waking up hungover after a night out is bad enough. But I’m sure as some of you know, there are plenty of things that could happen, and do happen, that could make your morning a whole lot worse.

One thing that’s especially apparent with me after going out is losing shit. Doesn’t even matter what it is. Phone, wallet, hat, room key, you name it. Waking up in the morning and having no idea where your shit is immediately makes it worse. There’s instantly a problem you have to solve, and you can bet you really don’t feel like solving problems in this state.

Another thing that could make your morning even more awful is waking up next to the girl who you thought was an absolute 10 last night, and now she looks more like a guy lying next to you. I fully believe every dude has had this experience at least once. Maybe the amount of makeup girls are allowed to put on is criminal, or maybe you’re just blacked out. When you wake up in this situation, you’re guaranteed to be hungover as fuck, and you probably have no idea where you are. Awesome.

Another thing that would just be absolutely detrimental to your morning is taking an accidental sip of alcohol. Usually, it will be some shitty vodka or tequila that somebody pours into a plastic water bottle. When you wake up in the morning after drinking, the most valuable item on the planet is water. Looking over and seeing the half full Poland Spring bottle seems like a blessing, and you immediately take a sip. The worst part about this is you’re not prepared for the alcohol to hit your mouth, at all. I literally smell every plastic water bottle I drink out of these days because of this. Immediately a worse morning than it was 3 seconds ago, and most definitely causing you pain.

Written by Jett

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