The Most Overrated Football Team In Each Conference

GAINESVILLE, FL - SEPTEMBER 2: University of Florida Gators fans watch the action during the game against the Southern Miss Golden Eagles at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 2, 2006 in Gainesville, Florida. The Gators defeated the Eagles 34-7. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Of the countless reasons to pick a college, there are those among us who used the football program as one of the deciding factors. It is just as good of a reason as any, I suppose, so there is no judgement made here for your selection process… but, if you ended up at any of the following schools because of that choice, you are probably not happy with it.

Also, if you did end up at the following schools, don’t be pissed at me for pointing out it was not a good decision.

ACC: Miami. There was a time when “The U” was real. I just watched “Catholics vs Convicts” on 30 for 30 yesterday (which may have inspired this whole article) and in the 90s, being at Miami for football would be the best. However, that was a long time ago. Miami has been pretty shitty for the last decade and it may or may not get better. First, there is almost never fans at the game — so that sucks — second, they aren’t good. In the last 12 bowl games, the team is 1-11. The team hasn’t won a conference title since 2003 — which is when current incoming freshman were BORN… so, if you picked Miami for football, you fucked up.

B1G: Michigan. There are a lot of similarities between what was just written about Miami that applies to Michigan. Michigan hasn’t won a national title since 1997 and it hasn’t been competing for one in forever. Its last 15 trips to bowl games has resulted in a 3-12 record. Now, listen, having been to a game at Michigan that atmosphere still rocks. Almost 110,000 people in there getting after it is awesome, and so you probably didn’t lose out on going to Michigan when it comes to the atmosphere, but this is for most overrated football team and let’s face it… Michigan is overrated as it gets.

Big XII: Texas. The Longhorns have over 900 wins, and an all-time win-loss percentage of .705, historically those rank 3rd and 7th, respectively. That said, the team hasn’t won the Big XII since 2009 and hasn’t been a player in the national championship scene since Vince Young — which many people in college don’t even remember. The atmosphere at the stadium is just pretty good and it is made worse when the team is consistently losing to Kansas State, Iowa State, and some other shitty Big XII teams. A move to the SEC will be interesting because there are more, good teams in that conference than currently, so the program could stand to take another hit.

PAC12: Arizona State. This was throwing a dart, to be honest. I don’t know hardly anything about college football west of the Mississippi — largely because they don’t play good football out there — but also because of my east coast bias. I suppose there is some expectation for Arizona State to be good but they just aren’t. Arizona State is rumored to be a killer party school with a bunch of hot girls, so football being a disappointment is only in my perception. Every full time head coach they have had since 1947 has had a winning record, so there is that, but they have never taken a ‘next step’ … who cares, it is the Pac12.

SEC: Florida. This was a tossup with Tennessee and Auburn because all three programs are super over rated but the Vols and Tigers have been stepping on their own junk for the last decade and so the expectations have dropped while the Gators have been more relevant recently, but do not look like they have much life in them right now. The SEC has created a power vaccuum at the top and it has one of the softest underbellies in all of college football but the Gators have high expectations that almost never hit. Moreover, The Swamp is not a great place to check out a game when compared to Georgia, Rocky Top, Tuscaloosa, or The Grove in Mississippi. Sorry, but I said what I said.

If you went to smaller conferences for football you messed that decision up from the beginning and so I won’t go into detail for the most overrated programs in the Mountain West, C-USA, or whatever else is out there. You did that to yourself.

Written by Malcolm Henry

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