The NBA Fans Have Failed Dame Lillard Again

NBA fans might be the dumbest son of bitches known to mankind. From horrible takes like Ben Simmons is a horrible player, to having no idea what is actually happening in the NBA. I feel like most NBA fans don’t actually watch the games, but instead they get their news and opinions from either Twitter or the Instagram explore page. I don’t know if fans are just the biggest trolls known to mankind, but every year we see it with fans voting for players like Alex Caruso to Klay Thompson who have either not played at all this year or are not worthy of being an all star.

Looking at the all star votes it’s very clear that NBA fans have no idea what they’re talking about or just enjoy being internet trolls.

I’m the first one to defend Melo since he is my all time favorite Knick, but there’s no reason he should be top 10 in votes for the front court in the Western Conference. He’s averaging only 13.3 points this season, and is shooting very poorly from the field. He’s only shooting 39.6%, and like always he’s a liability on defense. Klay Thompson is sitting at 8th for fan votes and that guy has spent more time in the commentary booth than he has playing basketball this year. Klay suffered a tear in his right achilles in November and isn’t going to play a minute of basketball this year. I know that the Warriors fan base runs very deep, but he shouldn’t even be eligible for any fan votes. It makes the NBA fans look incompetent, and that they rather give votes to a fan favorite than somebody who actually deserves the votes.

Speaking of deserving votes this is where Dame gets fucked over by the fans. Lillard is a MVP candidate this year as he has taken the injury filled Trailblazers to an impressive 18-10 record where they currently sit 4th in the West. They would be the number 1 seed in the East just saying. Dame is not starting for the all star game because of the fans. The fans have a 50% say in deciding the starters, the media has 25%, and the players have 25%. The media, and players both had Luka Doncic, and Dame Lillard tied to be a starter, but the fans were the ones that broke the tiebreaker. And it’s complete bullshit.

If you go by stats only Luka deserves to be starting over Lillard. Lillard is averaging 29.8 points, 7.7 assists, and is shooting 45% from the field. Compared to Luka who is averaging 29.1 points, 9.4 assists, and is shooting 47% from the field. The thing is the NBA is not only stats this isn’t baseball that has 10,000 advanced stats that prove that Mike Trout is the MVP even though the Angels finished the season 74-88. Winning matters in basketball, and that’s what Lillard does.

The Mavericks this season have drastically underperformed, as they currently sit at 13-15, and are the 10th seed in the West. Luka was supposed to be the next Larry Bird, but the difference is that Bird actually won games, and it doesn’t look like Luka is doing that this year. As somebody who roots for a team that has the Mavericks draft pick this year keep losing Luka I want a lottery pick for the Knicks. Luka was the favorite to win MVP this year, and unless something dramatically changes there is no chance in hell that will happen.

How can you be a top 3 candidate in MVP, and not be starting in the All star game. Of course there is the other guard position who has Stephen Curry starting over Dame, but Steph actually deserves that spot unlike Luka. Steph is sneakily putting up his MVP stats this year as the Warriors are a meh team. Stephen Curry is averaging 30 points, 6 assists, and is shooting 49% from the field. Compared to when he was the unanimous MVP his stats were 30.1 points, 6.7assists, and he shot 50% from the field. The only big difference is in 2015-2016 the Warriors went 73-9, and this year the Warriors already have 13 losses.

Dame once again will be snubbed and not be appreciated, and even though I love Dame Lillard I sure hope we don’t get a rap song about this. I love watching Dame Lillard, but I sure don’t enjoy listening to Dame Dolla.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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