The NBA Playoffs Check-in


Celtics V Bucks

As a Celtics fan, these playoffs are brutal. If we advance and so do the Heat, our matchups this year will have been the last three teams that knocked us out of the yoffs (Nets, Heat, Bucks). Game one was brutal and neither of the Jays could get it going like me after a personal pitcher (or four). I really hoped to win both home games, so today was big for the Bucks. Realistically I still think the Celtics win in 6 or 7, but today was a reality check and the Bucks reminded everyone that they’re the defending champs for a reason.

Heat V Sixers

This series has not started yet but damn are the Sixes in trouble. Embiid is out for a couple of games and Harden just is not the player he was a couple of years ago. The Heat are still unreal, Jimmy buckets along with Herro who has the swag that every white boy dreams of. Their defense rivals that of my Celtics, and paired with an electric offense should prove to be too much for a banged-up Philly squad. Heat take the series in 6.


Warriors V Grizzlies

This game was sicker than I was after discovering gatorade makes hard alcohol taste not bad. Ja is a wizard, and Jarren Jackson poured in a nice 33 point effort. Despite a great battle, Memphis’ efforts proved to be not enough as Poole, Curry, Wiggins and Klay led the Warriors to a nail biting victory, stealing an away game. Warriors in 6.

Suns V Mavs

Luka and DBook seem like they should be back to normal, but their injuries could flare up again, just something to keep in mind. If nothing crazy happens the Suns should absolutly win, but who knows, crazier things have happened, like me getting a girlfriend. Suns in 5? But go Mavs.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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