The New Space Jam 2 Trailer Was Released Today

I want to hate this for many reasons. 1) I love Michael Jordan. He will always and forever be my GOAT. 2) The original Space Jam came out when I was 2. By the time it came out on VHS, I was the perfect age to watch it 100000 times. So when I watched the trailer, I was ready to hate it, but I have to say that this movie looks pretty sweet.

To get this out of the way, Jordan might be a better basketball player than LeBron, but LeBron is a much better actor than Jordan. This isn’t LeBron’s first time acting. He has been in big Hollywood movies like Train Wreck and animated movies like Smallfoot.

Also, the concept of having a Serververse which is pretty much just the internet. When LeBron is falling, you can see that he passes worlds of tv shows and movies. He first passes Game of Thrones world. Are we going to see an animated Jon Snow making no-look passes? We all know that he can’t dunk, no way he is tall enough to touch the rim. It gives off Ready Player One vibe with Iron Giant stomping through the world and the Scooby-Doo van speeding away. King Kong also makes an appearance, and it looks like LeBron’s other character, Smallfoot, is there as well.

LeBron is going against the Goon Squad, which I have to say isn’t as cool as the Monstars. I can’t tell who is part of the Goon Squad, but it’s voiced by other NBA and WNBA stars, if I had to guess. One character vaguely resembles Dame Lillard.

Also I love how they just tossed in one of the most iconic pictures from NBA history.

Regardless if my daughter wants to go, she will be seeing Space Jam 2 with me this summer. One of the biggest perks of having a kid is you don’t feel like a loser when you go to the movies to watch cartoons.

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