The Perfect Night Out: The Ultimate Parlay

There are plenty of nights that are ones to remember. Everyone has them, and you’ll wake up in the morning and hear everyone talking about it. Sure, it was awesome. But was it absolutely perfect?

The answer is probably no. If you think about it, having the perfect night out is not so easy. There are plenty of things that could ruin perfection. For example, there’s a huge line at the bar, you decide to wear a fleece to the EDM concert and are sweating balls, or the hottest girl at the club didn’t go home with you, even though you didn’t even talk to her. To have the perfect night, it takes a sophisticated combination of things to go right.

Look at it like a massive parlay that has no chance of hitting, except it does. Perfectly hammered at the pre-game: Smacked. Uber is the boy and lets us aux: Smacked. No line, no cover: Give me that. $2 domestics? Yup. Hottest girl there goes home with you: Free money.

It has to be a night where everything is going your way. No girlfriend bothering you, no bets losing, no bad thoughts. Strictly great vibes with people you love. When I think back on those near perfect nights I’ve had, I don’t even think about where I was, I think about how I felt. Fucking awesome. Sure, it’s mainly the alcohol and other things talking, but it’s also the environment and people you’re around.

When you look at it this way, it makes you realize that a perfect night out may not even need to be perfect at all. Maybe it’s just a night where nothing goes wrong. For example, nobody got arrested last night, that was perfect. Maybe that douchebag bouncer who has no friends wasn’t so much of a douche. Or maybe that one kid who rarely comes out makes it there and gets absolutely trashed with everyone. 

Whether you have a good night, or bad, odds are it wasn’t perfect. It’s like crafting a parlay hungover on Sunday morning that you just keep adding legs to. Nearly impossible that it’s going to happen. However, perfection can be made much simpler when it comes to a night out. It really is what you make it.

Written by Jett

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