The Phillies Are Back in the Playoffs, and Hungover

The Phillies are back in October after locking up the first wild card spot with a win over the Pirates last night, and they sure celebrated the event. Dancing on My Own blared throughout the ball park, and the team had a celebration on the field and in the locker room. The real celebration happened afterward, when the team got good and hammered at a local bar. 

Last night, videos hit the internet of a few Phillies at Xfinity Live, a sports bar adjacent to the Philly stadiums. It’s crazy expensive, and they invited Giants fans down last year, but the place itself is pretty cool. It’s way cooler for people who’s jerseys are hung up on the wall as decoration, though. 

Alec Bohm and Brandon Marsh went there for some drinks to celebrate their win last night. More specifically, they went to the section of the bar with an electric bull. Brandon Marsh was hyping up the crowd and putting on a performance on the bull. As a Phillies fan, I was worried about injury, but the whole thing was too smooth to even risk one. Marsh looked like a natural on that thing. He also had the stage presence of Freddie Mercury up there. 

There were also many videos of guys in the clubhouse celebrating all night. This team went to the World Series last year because they had some unexplainable energy around them. It’s the reason the Braves can win 105 games and still fear us. That energy is all the way back, though, so maybe they should fear us. 

Rob Thompson told the team to come in late for their game tomorrow. Every young guy on the team is going to be sweating Everclear this evening as they take the field against the Pirates. That being said, it doesn’t matter. The Phillies have to win thirteen games to win it all, and their energy on and off the field is as much of a sign as possible that they are going to do it.

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