The Queen’s Death Created One of the Most Insane Twitter Days Ever

As you’ve heard by now, the Queen is dead. Easily the story of the year so far, every single person has some type of take on the event.

The Queen’s death also created a “day” on Twitter. Twitter users will know what I mean, but when a huge event happens, Twitter will focus on that single thing for an entire day. January sixth was a day on Twitter. Joe Biden’s election was a day on Twitter. The Queen’s death highlighted one of the most prolific days in Twitter history.

What came next was, usurpingly, a divided Twitter. Half of the world seemed to be upset about the death of the longest monarch in history. These remorses were led by different twitter groups, including “British” Twitter, and “white” Twitter among others. Here are a few of those tweets:

While those people felt remorse, other twitter groups had an unbelievable field day in memes. This was led by two groups, “Irish” Twitter and “black” Twitter. I am not picking a side, but holy shit were some of these funny:

I’m not here to tell you who’s wrong and who’s right. The British and their constituents are, understandably, very upset. The vast majority of British and sovereign residents never knew another ruler until now. She stood by her country through countless hardships and was the face of a collapsing empire, an uncertain time.

At the same time, the British monarchy, historically, is the bad guy. Their modern treatment of African nations was, at best, condescending, and the historical treatment of countries in Africa and countries like India was inhumane. Not to mention that the Irish have been one of the most oppressed groups of people by the crown. A good amount of Americans also hate the crown out of our own history.

What’s the takeaway from all this? Is it that we should all be more sensitive to each other’s takes? Should we not talk publicly about issues that cause division? Should we all take a long look in the mirror and figure out who we are?

No. The only takeaway from this is that Twitter is the best social media app that exists. This shit doesn’t happen anywhere else. It’s the wild west of jokes, antagonistic behavior, and trolling. It’s so funny to see what people have to say. This is my only takeaway from yesterday, and it should be yours too.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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