The Real-Life Casa Bonita Is Saved After South Park Creators Saved It

This has been an ultimate couple of weeks for South Park. The creators Trey and Matt got the $900 Million bag for 14 more movies and 6 more seasons. Now they are saving the iconic Denver restaurant. If anybody forgets, here’s the full episode on South Park’s website. I just rewatched the episode before writing this blog, and this is the best part of the episode.

Cartman goes on a tear seeing Black Bart’s Cave, cliff divers, dancing to the mariachi band, taking a Wild West photo, and then once everything seems lost and he’s going to get, caught he jumps off the cliff. While he’s floating down the river, a cop asks him if it was all worth it? While Cartman looks like he’s in Nirvana, he replies totally.

Polis asked the creative pair if they plan to improve the quality of the food offerings — the restaurant is known for having great sopapillas but not much else worth writing home about — and both said that is a priority. “I think everyone knows the potential of what that place can be and we certainly do, and I think it’s going to be an awesome Colorado thing,” Parker said.


If you’ve watched the episode, you know that once you raise your little flag, it’s unlimited sopapillas and how Cartman loves them. Trey and Matt are, of course, going to bring those back and make the rest of the food actually good. Casa Bonita sounds like Medieval Times, where the food is meh, but it’s a fun experience. You can’t expect a 5-star meal while watching cliff divers or knights fight to the death.

So if you’re in Denver and you’re a huge South Park fan, you will now be able to relive the episode. Maybe don’t hide your friend in a bomb shelter for a week and tell him that a meteor took out all of civilization.

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