The Sad Fall Of The Philadelphia Flyers

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - MARCH 01: Tony DeAngelo #77 of the Philadelphia Flyers and Kaapo Kakko #24 of the New York Rangers challenge for the puck during the third period at Wells Fargo Center on March 01, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

Let me just say I have loved the Flyers for years. They have been the ugly stepchild to the Eagles, and the Phillies for decades but they still have a place in every Philly sports fan’s heart. In the ’70s the flyers were an absolute unit on the Ice. We would get up in your face, hit you in the mouth, and say some of the most obscene things to get under your skin.

We had a run in 2010 and then we get our shit rocked by the Blackhawks. But other than that 2010 run we have looked like my brothers’ 4th-grade peewee hockey team on the ice. As of writing this, the flyers are seventh in the metropolitan division with a record of 23-28-1. And im starting to get tired of it. Many other fans even die-hard Flyers fans can not stand the direction the team is going. The most pitiful thing I’ve ever seen is the game last week where the Flyers played on their home ice against the Rangers.

The Flyers lost 3 to 2 in an expected loss to a much better team. But the most pitiful and embarrassing part of the loss was watching all of the rangers fans take over our home ice and absolutely control The Wells Fargo center the entire game. It’s just sad to see how far one of the most storied franchises in hockey has fallen.

Comcast has turned the flyers into a joke of a franchise, plagued by mismanagement and terrible player development. The only option we have left if we want any chance of being a playoff team in the next decade is for Comcast to “SELL THE GODAMN TEAM”. I don’t think it’s too late for us to return to the franchise we were back in the 70s we can be the “broad street bullies” again. But in summary, sell the goddamn team and become the Philadelphia Flyers again.        

Written by Nolan Breslin

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