The Silver Lining for the United States when it Comes to Russia and Ukraine

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 9: Russian President Vladimir Putin waves during the Victory Day Parade at Red Square on May 9, 2022 in Moscow, Russia. Russia is marking their 77th Victory Day today. (Photo by Contributor/Getty Images)

We are now on day 385 of Vladimir Putin’s “3-day war.” With the siege for one of Ukraine’s key cities raging, and both sides experiencing staggering losses, coupled with the fact that neither side possesses the combat power to make any significant gains, we now have a bloody, miserable stalemate. Vladimir Putin’s Air Force is taking down American Drones, executing Ukrainian Civilians, and executing surrendering Ukrainian Soldiers. It is safe to say that this war really isn’t going anywhere unless something drastic changes with many speculating Mr. Putin might soon utilize a tactical nuclear bomb on Ukraine. I am not going to speculate on that, what I will say however is that the more this drags on, the more ready we get for the real enemy. While obviously I feel awful for the country of Ukraine and I do believe in the end they will prevail, those suggesting that the US gets nothing out of shipping all this equipment to the Ukrainians are simply not seeing the bigger picture. At the end of the day, our true enemy is the Chinese, and this conflict allows us to practice executing complicated logistics missions, testing our weapons and equipment in real-time in a real conflict, and practicing complicated intelligence gathering in a true near-peer conflict in the 21st century which we have not gotten to do yet. Overall, I do believe at some point in the near future we will have to defend Taiwan from a Chinese Invasion and this is kind of a grim way to put it but, we need the practice. As the old saying goes amateurs talk tactics, professionals talk logistics, and boy are we getting a lot of practice shipping men, equipment, and weapons across the world to an austere environment against a near-peer threat. We very well may have to do it within the next decade and we need to be ready, Slava Ukraini.

Written by GI Josh


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  1. “This war really isn’t going anywhere” because the U.S. is doing just enough to keep it going, not enough to end it. Whether you’re on the side of “we need to fully commit and defend Ukraine” or “going all in would start World War III,” this attempt at a middle ground is helping no one. Well, except for the arms suppliers and defense contractors who always benefit from a naturally or artificially prolonged conflict.

  2. China is not our enemy you r tard. We don’t need a war with China over some stupid island where half the population or more wants to be Chinese. Just another liberal take over of the world in America’s growing colonies.

      • You really want your friends to die for some stupid fucking island across the world that is already basically China? Ok dude. I enlisted and am out and I don’t want to see my friends wasted over that.

        If you can name a single tangible impact on you or my life by Taiwan being run by the CCP, I’ll admit you were right.

        ‘Muh processing computer chips!!’ Does not count as a reason to send thousands of American 18 year olds to die.

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