The Sports Game: How to Play

I didn’t realize that the Sports Game was not something that was well known across all high schools in America until earlier this year when I introduced it to my college roommates. That feels like a real crime, considering I spent many free periods and lunches playing that game in my four years at La Salle College High School of Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania. If you’re looking for a game to play at college that will pass the time leading up to drinking or a game that you can play while drinking that isn’t necessarily a drinking game, then continue reading. This one is real fun.

Game Set-up: 

Absolutely fucking nothing. You literally just have to be awake and speak the same language as those you’re playing with.

Goal of Game: 

Be the last man standing and dominate your friends.


1. Each person gets three lives

2. No player can be repeated

How to Play:

One person begins the game by saying the name of a professional sports team. You and your crew can decide what sports you’ll include, but the easiest way to go is NFL, MLB, and NBA, since they’re the most universally known leagues among young American males. Once a team name has been said, the next person in line must say a player from that team at any point in history. After a player has been said, the next person may say any other team that player was on, a number they wore, or the college they went to. From there, the next person must say another player that either played for the team, wore that number, or went to that college. If it is colleges or numbers, you can jump between sports. Let me give you an example:

Person 1: Philadelphia 76ers

Person 2: Ben Simmons

Person 3: LSU

Person 4: Joe Burrow

Person 5: Number 9

Person 1: Nick Foles

Person 2: Philadelphia Eagles

Person 3: Miles Sanders

Person 4: Number 26

Person 5: Chase Utley

And you keep going until someone gets one wrong or doesn’t know one. Then a new round begins.

Remember, once a player has been said, he can’t be said again, but a college, team, or number can be used as many times as needed. If a person says and incorrect player or does not give an answer, that person loses on of the three lives. After losing all three lives, that person is out. There is, however, an option to Challengethe person who said the last team, player, college, or number. If the person who is being challenged cannot come up with a response to his own initial answer, that person loses a life. But if the person gives a correct answer, then the challenger loses a life. 

After a life is lost, the next person in line begins a new round. If a life is lost on a challenge, the person after guy who challenged begins the new round. The game ends when only one person is left with any lives.

That’s how I was taught the Sports Game, and that’s how I play it, but you can make any adjustments that you feel the need to. I do highly recommend learning how to play, though, because it’s a fantastic waste of time.

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