These Suns’ Fans Are The Definition Of Desert Dogs, And I Love Them

Tonight the Suns took a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals. Teams that go up 2-0 have won 88% of the Finals, so it’s safe to say that the Suns are on a great track. It’s been 11 years since Phoenix was in the playoffs and 28 years since they were in the Finals; the desert dogs are going all out for it.

I don’t want to assume anything, but how the hell do these guys afford these awesome tickets? They all look like they’re in their early 20’s so do they have rich parents? What kind of job gets you those good seats while you live in the desert? The 2nd to the last guy has no idea what to do with all of his excitement. He turns into god damn James Hetfield, headbanging and uncontrollably shaking his head back and forth. Then you have this woman who looks like she has a fancy party to attend to after the game with a man who is old as shit. I know that Arizona is a hot bed for retirees, but this looks like a classic sugar daddy situation. Suppose that’s the case, good for this woman. I would love to have a sugar daddy where I can buy anything I want, do whatever I want, and what I have to put out a couple of times a week? He’s old; he probably can’t do it more than three times a week anyway. Then we have a random dude holding an MJ>LeBron sign behind an old man and cocktail dress lady. This is nowhere near Chicago; LeBron isn’t in the Finals; shit, the Suns haven’t played LeBron since 3 rounds ago, but this man doesn’t forget. Tip of the cap to this guy.

There’s always the one fan who becomes a star at every home game. When the Raptors won, it was this guy.

Most of the time, they have to sit close to courtside, have a unique outfit, and steal the show every time they’re on camera. Bandana guy is the one for Phoneix fans. I have seen him on every Suns home game in these playoffs, and he steals the show with his celebrations. This isn’t a normal celebration; this is dealing with 120-degree heat all day and being a desert dog celebration.

If the Suns win, I can’t wait to see the videos that come out of the desert dogs partying their face-off.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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