The Three Best Things About Being Sick at College

Don’t get me wrong – being sick at college blows. The health centers are subpar at best and the “care” that your roommate might give you isn’t anywhere near the care you’d get from your mom back home. But, I guess some things aren’t too bad if you really think about it. So, here are the three best things about being sick while at college: 

Not Having to Go to Class

Sure, missing multiple days of classes will end up screwing you over in the long run, but sometimes it’s nice not having to sit through a boring lecture and just watch YouTube instead. You might run into some problems with the smaller classes where the professor would actually notice if you miss, but most of the time you can catch a break by writing some sob story email. And you won’t have to feel bad because this time it’s actually true. 

DoorDash Justification 

When you’re perfectly healthy, DoorDashing food always comes with an overwhelming sense of guilt. But, when you’re so sick that it’s a physical struggle to wipe your own ass, DoorDash is perfectly okay and actually encouraged. Feel free to order McDonald’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you so, please. Might want to invest in the DashPass while you’re at it. 

Your Appearance Doesn’t Matter  

Whether it’s the flu or just a common cold, you can throw together the most atrocious, mismatched, dirty outfit and no one will bat an eye because you’re sick. Haven’t showered in 48 hours? Your already compromised immune system probably can’t handle whatever is lingering in the communal showers anyways. Just maybe brush your teeth a couple of times.

Written by the godfather

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