The Three Types of Vacations You’ll Have This Summer

Unless you’re downright filthy rich and spend your entire summer abroad in some swank villa, you’ll likely just have a couple of solid vacations planned between June and August. When someone says “vacation”, I usually imagine spending an entire week getting absolutely buckled on a tropical beach, but there’s much more nuance to the word than that. With that being said, here are the three types of vacations you’ll have this summer:

The Family Vacation

There are clear pros and cons to any family vacation, but the level of fun you’ll have on this type of vacation is completely dependent on which family you’re going with. If it’s just your parents and siblings, you’ll likely have an outstanding time and you don’t have to pay for anything! But, if it’s one of those extended family vacations where you have to share a room with ten other people, you’ll end up experiencing a week of hell as opposed to a nice getaway. Hopefully, you have at least one chill cousin that you can enjoy some beverages with (or just smack the penjamin together), but if not, you’re completely out of luck. Maybe you’ll get to golf once or twice depending on the vacation spot, but most of the time will be spent catering to the needs of the youngest children there. If you reach a point of excruciatingly painful boredom on one of these trips, bring up some old family drama that your dad accidentally told you about to really stir up the pot. 

The “College Reunion” Vacation

Because I go to an out-of-state college, I don’t get to see my college buddies all too often during the summer. For those of you in the same position as myself, I’m certain you’d agree that a “college reunion” vacation with the boys is unmatched. Since these trips are typically self-funded, they won’t end up being anything fancy, but who needs fancy? If the trip involves a beach, beer-die, and hopelessly flirting with girls – I’m in. The “college reunion” vacation will make you miss being at school like nothing else, undoubtedly the best three-to-four days of your entire summer. 

The “Short but Sweet” Vacation

Whatever the occasion might be – typically a graduation party or wedding –  there will inevitably be one weekend during your summer when you head out of town to somewhere just far enough where you can’t stay at your house. After a three-to-five-hour car drive, you’ll arrive at your destination and have an unexpectedly delicious dinner at some random local spot that you thought was going to give you food poisoning. Usually, these “short but sweet” vacations will be filled with experiences just like this, making it the most underrated vacation you’ll take every summer. Sure, you might be in the middle of rural Iowa, but a change of scenery isn’t too bad every now and then. 

Even if you only take one vacation this summer, I’m sure they’ll fit into one of these three categories. No matter where or how long your vacation is, try to enjoy it the best you can. And if all else fails, you can always get belligerently drunk the entire time.

Written by the godfather

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