The Top 5 Marvel Movies Ranked

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In honor of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 being released earlier this month, I figured it was only fitting to comprise a top-five list of the best Marvel movies to date. Whether you’re super into superheroes or not, Marvel movies are usually enjoyable for anyone who watches them. I’m no Marvel expert, but I’ve been watching these movies for quite a while and also believe my opinion is better than everyone else’s. So, without further ado, here are my top five Marvel movies of all time:

5. Iron Man

Starting off at number five, I’ve got Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man. I was super young when this movie first came out, but once I was old enough to watch, Marvel movies were forever set to incredibly high expectations. Introducing one of the most influential characters in all Marvel movies, Iron Man is a classic story about the rise of Tony Stark, a character that many fell in love with immediately. While it might not be as flashy as any of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies, it feels like a crime to have Iron Man outside of the top five. 

4. Avengers: Infinity War

I would say “Spoiler Alert”, but this movie has been out for like five years now. If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War, you’re doing something seriously wrong with your life. I’ve never been more distraught in a movie theater than when Thanos snapped his fingers and all of my favorite characters died off one by one. I wouldn’t say that I flat-out hate cliffhangers, but the end of this movie damn near gave me a stroke. But, that’s what made Avengers: Infinity War so amazing. Besides it being a downright outstanding film, this movie was all people could talk about for a decently long time. The cultural significance alone makes Avengers: Infinity War a lock at number four.  

3. Black Panther

After Black Panther was released on DVD, I’m pretty confident that it was played on a loop in black barber shops across America for at least a year. All jokes aside, this movie will forever remain a top three Marvel movie of all time. Chadwick Boseman (RIP) does a fantastic job as the Black Panther, creating an incredibly memorable film that I revisit often. Although the sequel wasn’t quite the same without Chadwick, the original Black Panther will undoubtedly live on into the future. Not to mention, the soundtrack is fire. 

2. Avengers: End Game

By the way I just glazed Avengers: Infinity War earlier, I’m sure you can already tell how I feel about Avengers: End Game. Sure, this movie is super long, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it. The only other time I’ve ever come close to crying during a movie was Coco (don’t judge me), but when Tony Stark *SPOILER ALERT* dies at the end, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t break out the tissues. While I don’t watch this movie very often – simply because three hours is a long time – every time I do I find it more and more enjoyable. With Avengers: End Game being such a consequential film in the Marvel universe, there was no way I could leave it out of the top five. 

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Having Guardians of the Galaxy at number one might be somewhat of a hot take, but I absolutely love this movie. The combination of Rocket, Star-Lord, and Drax makes me laugh harder than any other Marvel movie I’ve ever seen, but Guardians of the Galaxy is much more than just a goofy comedy. The action scenes are top notch and we get to see Thanos for one of the first times, all while witnessing the dynamic of the Guardians develop throughout the film. I might have some recency bias as a result of how much I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but I can’t think of a genuine reason why someone could hate this movie. I’m certain that the many lists all over the internet will have different number ones, but Guardians of the Galaxy is the true greatest Marvel movie of all time.

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