The Top Halloween Costumes of 2022: A Twitter Thread

I won’t lie, I waited until the very last minute to slap together a costume for Halloween this year, and while my Jake from State Farm look was pretty damn solid, it could’ve been better. As I scrolled aimlessly through my Twitter feed today, I was flooded with endless videos and pictures of genuinely amazing costumes, each bringing something unique to the table. So, here’s a thread of some of my favorites:

I’m hoping this one is just unintentional blackface, but either way, it’s absolutely hysterical. I mean, if he didn’t put the face paint on he might’ve been mistaken for Alex Caruso, so I don’t really blame him.

No clue how this guy pulled this one off, but it’s got to be the most realistic costume I’ve seen in my entire life.


BeReal is just about the stupidest social media app of all time, but this costume is pretty clever. Points for creativity.

I know this is from last year, but this costume will forever live on in infamy. Straight up.

Written by the godfather

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