The Top Three Christmas Movies of All Time

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I started listening to Christmas music as soon as November hit. To be honest, the “Christmas spirit” is my only hope to make it through finals season. This week while I’m on Thanksgiving break, I won’t be doing anything but eating food and watching Christmas movies, so here are my top three of all time: 

Home Alone 

Home Alone is a certified classic that will never get old. I can’t say the same about the nine sequels that Disney made after the fact – except maybe the second – but we don’t need to talk about those. A Christmas without watching Home Alone is like Thanksgiving without turkey or Valentine’s Day without sex (Yes, Home Alone and sex are a valid comparison). Everything about this movie just makes you overwhelmingly happy, even on the eleventh time you watch it in a three-week span. 


Elf slander will not be tolerated. The film is a cinematic masterpiece from start to finish, truly embodying what the Christmas spirit really means. With iconic scenes like the snowball fight and the infamous Coke chug, there’s truly so much to love about Elf. Not only does this movie bring joy and laughter during Christmas time, but Halloween as well. Buddy the Elf costumes are indubitably top-tier. 

A Christmas Story 

The best part about A Christmas Story is that we all have been through a similar Christmas crisis as Ralphie. All of us have once wanted some ridiculous Christmas gift that our parents would never throw under the Christmas tree, but maybe Santa will come through? Usually, we never got that gift we so desperately desired, but I know for a fact we all remember the one time we did. A Christmas Story brings us all back to that moment of euphoria, which is why it will forever be cemented as one of the best Christmas movies of all time.

Written by the godfather

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