The US is Experiencing A Cultural Shift

I’m not the first person to have this take, and I won’t be the last; your Aunt that came to your Christmas party with a bottle of wine she took down by herself will put this on Facebook in eight months, but I think a culture shift is apparent in the United States right now. These last eight or so years have been more frustrating than the conversations I’ve had with my grandfather about him no longer needing to go to the library and rent a VHS tape to watch a blonde woman participate is what the younger generation calls S(3ggs) on Tik Tok. Every day you log onto Netflix, and there is a new LGBTQ baking show, where judges Snoop Dogg and American Idol Season Six runner-up Blake Lewis judge Spiced Hazlenut Pear Cake. That is for nobody. Nobody is fucking watching that. That’s a corporation thinking they can hop onto actual political progress that has taken place and fill their pockets with it. In all forms of entertainment, cream rises to the top. Shane Gillis got fired from SNL, and now I pay to watch him be funny because the product is worth it. I could watch SNL for free, but I choose not to because although there are talented people on it, the show is worse than a hungover shit that has you sitting on the toilet like that lady that worked at Popeyes the first day their chicken sandwich dropped.

People say that our generation sucks, but I feel that many people my age are adjusting and no longer into the whole right versus left bullshit that loser Millennial bloggers try so hard to make a living off of. We are the generation that tortuously had to set up printers for our grandparents, show our Fathers how to highlight something in Microsoft Word, and explain to our Moms how to convert things to PDF. We are the generation that are passengers in a car heading towards an economic recession in the next year and overseas conflict that may or may not result in our brothers, sisters, and cousins that attach their names to $25 Amazon gift cards fighting in a war. Life is too short to debate whether or not Chris Evans is problematic or having a religious-like belief in Chrissy Tiegan dipping Philipino children in honey mustard and taking a bite. Make this the summer of getting sloshed on High Noons and getting rejected by girls out of your league. Get offline. Listen to comedians; there have never been this many funny ones. Stop hating each other over bullshit and eat an ice cream sandwich. There are many problems in this world, and revolution is entirely possible; we, like, so many countries have our issues. People should fight for the equality of others and help those unable to speak, but let us never again live in a world without nuance. 

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