The USMNT is the Worst

The United States Soccer team needs to play consistently for more than one match in a row. I can’t believe that we just got absolutely stomped by Japan. The final score of two to nothing says nothing about the fact that the Japanese team absolutely bent us over and had their way with us.

In the first half alone we somehow had 54 losses of possession within 45 minutes. Please, please somehow explain that to me. For all you math lovers out there that equates to about 1.2 possessions lost per minute. I swear there are U8 teams that I could field that would lose the possession less often than the United States Men’s team did this morning. They looked absolutely terrified out there. And the worst part is, most of those turnovers or “losses of possession” were not even pressured ones. It was just the United States passing the ball to the other team.

The worst part is we have a better team we can field. This isn’t the best version of the team. The issue is that none of our players can ever stay healthy. They all need to do group yoga or something to stay loose. I mean honestly, it’s just ridiculous at this point. There is no reason why what feels like five to ten of our key players have to be injured during every single international break.

Basically what needs to happen is we need to break out of our vicious cycle of playing like ass against a bad team, and playing amazing against the good teams. Just play consistently.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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