The Value Of A Doorman At College Parties

Teenager drinking Champagne on nightclub floor

Every college party has them and they are a slowly dying breed, but for any college party to be successful you need them. The people im referring to you are your door guys. At most parties nowadays the door guy’s job is an integral part of having a successful party and making sure you and the boys are safe.

The door guy’s main job is to have and maintain a successful ratio at the party. If he fucks up the whole party is fucked. At my fraternity, we attempt to run a 1:8 ratio. One guy for every 8 girls is normally perfect but if a door guy fucks that up a majority of the boys get pissed. As the boys always say “1:8 or im irate” and the doorman is integral to keeping the boys and the other degenerates happy

The doorman for us also acts as a bouncer so we normally employ our biggest guy to do the job. The doorman has to be able to do all these things simultaneously for a party to transform from a regular mid-tier party to a full-on rager. I’ve seen shit doormen, I’ve seen parties get busted too early because the doorman has let in too many, or just terrible people. Our doormen ask two questions “Who do you know here?”, and “how much money you got?”. If doormen can check people at the door by taking their money or seeing who they know you weave out all the shit bags who try to come in and steal your booze and broads.

The doorman is responsible for the well-being and overall fun of a party. If you want your party to be a rager or just a cool time to kick back and fuck around with your boys. A good doorman is essential to your fraternity brothers and the people at the party having fun. And if you don’t employ the right guys to do the job the party will be a bust and you’ll be the laughingstock of your university.   

Written by Nolan Breslin

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