The Vodka Water

While most people at the bars enjoy a beer or whatever mixed drink they’ve been ordering since they were 19, I for one, claim that the vodka water is hands down the best thing you can waste your parents money on. Not only is it better for you but its usually little bit cheaper in comparison to its competitors. You want to stay hydrated and get drunk? Get a vodka water. Tired of having shit drinks that taste like jet fuel? Get a vodka water. Trying to avoid sugar? Get the fucking vodka water. If your feeling thats somethings missing ask the bartender to add some lime or lemon juice in it because it only makes it that much better.

While Im aware that this drink has existed for a period of time, I just don’t see enough of my fellow peers ordering it. Why would I voluntarily make myself drink something that tastes like complete shit? Is it because I hate myself ? Maybe, but I choose to drink something thats actually tolerable these days. I promise that drinking enough of these wont make you feel like you’ve just been to war with your own digestive system. All I ask is that you just give it a shot. Give the vodka water the opportunity to make your night just a tad less shitty than it most likely already is.

Written by rigatoni

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