The Worlds Craziest Bars

Paddy’s Bar – Cusco, Peru

Paddy’s Bar in Cusco, Peru is the highest Irish pub in the world. This bar literally takes drinking beer to new heights. The Pub was started by two brothers in 2011 when they got inspired by an Irish Pub that they visited in Kathmandu. Surprisingly, this place has everything you could want out of a good Irish pub. From foosball to live TV they got it all, way up at 11,000 feet above sea level. What sets Paddy’s Bar apart from the thousands of Irish pubs around the world is that they get their beer off the backs of donkeys. These animals are beyond ferda as they travel up the side of a mountain with kegs on their back. I gotta give it to these owners, they have a different kind of dedication to drinking beer. If you’re willing to take the trek up the mountain, this place will definitely exceed expectations.

Clinic – Singapore

I can’t lie to you, I will never be flying my ass to Singapore to visit this bar, but it is so crazy that I needed to include it in this list. While people hate going to the hospital, this bar tries to put a new spin on going to the emergency room. This hospital-themed bar features wheelchairs as seats and pill-shaped rooms. That’s right, even the shapes of the rooms are on theme. If you decide to eat at the Clinic, the plates you will be eating off of will be metal and shaped like kidneys. Taking shots out of IV bags sounds like a film, but the vibes of this place kind of creep me out. 

Absolut Icebar – Sweden

I couldn’t make this list without featuring an ice bar. They have become beyond popular in recent years, but as you can imagine it’s not easy to maintain all that ice. The first-ever ice bar is located in Sweden and is still in operation today. The Absolut Icebar is the gold standard for bars below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. While most novelty ice bars only go up for a night or at most a week, this place is open from December to April. That gives you a solid window to make your flight arrangements because this bar is definitely a bucket list item.

Hobbit House Philippines

I may not be the biggest Lord of the Rings fan, but the Hobbit House in the Philippines offers something no frat man can resist. Being that this bar is Lord of the Rings themed, it goes without saying every employee needs to be a hobbit. That’s right, every single waiter and bartender is a little person. Just make sure you’re not dropping any “M-bombs” when you’re getting after it at the Hobbit House. If you’re ever in the Philippines, make sure you put the Hobbit House on your list. Even if you’re not into the Lord of the Rings, this place has something that no other bar on this planet can offer. 

Alux Mexico

Alux is in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, and is one of two bars that is located in a subterranean cave. This place is absolute vibes and the lighting is 10 out of 10. The couches are covered in cheetah print which really transports you into a real-life episode of The Flinstones. I don’t know about you guys, but I am kind of falling in love with the idea of getting absolutely buckled below ground. Once Mexico is no longer an absolute warzone, you bet your ass I’ll be making my way south of the border to indulge at Alux.

Written by Brady White

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