The Worst Things About Total Frat Move

I gave some AI a couple of details about Total Frat Move and then made it write a blog about TFM. This is italicized to differentiate what I wrote vs what the AI wrote. This was the premise I gave the AI:

Total Frat Move is a college frat meme industry that lost its Instagram account at 1.5 million followers. Many Total Frat Move employees are trying to get their Instagram account back.

I knew I would get some weird shit by describing TFM as a “college frat meme industry” and I was right. Also, just to be clear for any coworkers or bosses reading… I didn’t write any of this. What follows is an article written solely by artificial intelligence about Total Frat Move based on those 2 sentences.

The Worst Things About Total Frat Move

What Total Frat Move is

Total Frat Move describes itself as a “college magazine,” and it also makes up to $50,000 per month from selling apparel. At the frat, every single picture is posted to the front page of the organization’s Instagram account. When one member loses his or her virginity, his or her “thang, job, roll, photo, brag, feed, honey, post, rewind, meme, muse, moment, shelf,” etc., is published. Members can follow and like each other’s posts for prizes, and there are promotions for sponsored products. The coolest feature of Total Frat Move is a page where users can vote on whether or not a picture is “epic,” and the votes are weighted by the number of people who vote for it. Hipsters, shitlords, and undergrads are the primary demographic of the online publication, according to experts. 10.

The Total Frat Move Instagram account lost its 1.5 million followers

Despite their repeated and ongoing “the internet hates us, we are the internet” PR efforts, the funny people at Total Frat Move still didn’t get the Internet (or Twitter) to like them. At least, not like they like a lot of college publications. I didn’t always like the humor at Total Frat Move. I know some of the people behind it, and my sister was once an intern there. But it’s hard to take a shit joke that you already took to an absurd extreme seriously. If you were nice enough to take a look at the snark and fun Twitter account, @TotalFratMove, you’d understand why. But if you’re not into memes, rants, and amateur jokes, here are some reasons why Total Frat Move deserves to disappear.

The Reason for the Losing of the 1.5 Million Account

I think it was one of those statistics where, if you looked at it with any kind of context, it was fine. I do wonder if it wasn’t an artifact of what happens when you try to take a meme account public. I can see a lot of reasons why some meme account, I can see why they would go for a public opinion account and become an expert. But the whole idea of going public and starting to take it serious… [It was a shock] to me and a lot of the other people in the industry. It kind of put it in a little bit of a dark period in my professional life. Was It a Staff Reorganization? It was really an error on our part, and we realize that now. We realized we kind of fell into a hole, we got complacent. We moved too slowly. We weren’t paying attention to who was following us.

How Total Frat Move Employees are Trying to Get Their Instagram Account Back

Chris, an employee of Total Frat Move, is trying to get his Instagram account back. Chris explained to his followers on Instagram that he was under “harsh” harassment for not giving his Instagram password to @sarahkari. “And I’ll say this plainly: I would never give my password to any person of any gender. Period,” he wrote. “My advice: keep your password private and maybe try using 2 factor authentication.” Katie, another Total Frat Move employee, is apparently not getting paid. The model claims that her “piss poor” pay of $17 per Instagram post, which she has been doing since 2015, has forced her to make compromises. “It has been brought to my attention that I make nothing for my Instagram posts because I’m a paid model,” she told followers on Twitter.


A) People Are Smugly Mocking Trump’s Travel Ban 1.It’s normal to laugh at your friend for being stupid. Trump’s daughter did exactly what you would do in her situation. She drove home with a Middle Eastern man. It’s what you would do. 2.The comments and jokes are not that funny. And, they seem like people are mocking the idea of the Muslim ban instead of actually making fun of the ban. 3.This is the type of stupid behavior that Trump’s ban targets. Someone driving home with someone from a terrorist-dominated country is an easy target for lazy, contemptible people. A big problem is Trump’s stupid talk, and his uninformed, callous and abusive bloviating about immigrants and immigration. These are not things you should be laughing about. B) People Are Targeting Muslims 1.

That’s where it ends. It looks like the AI was only halfway through that final paragraph but who knows why robots are so dumb. I don’t know why the last paragraph takes a sharp right into politics… but funny as fuck regardless. I think the AI thought someone from TFM got fired for making a bad joke and then wrote out that person’s “reasoning” behind it.

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