There’s A Chance That People Can Become Venomous

This isn’t a person with she/her or he/him in their bio telling people that they are toxic as they go on multiple Twitter threads telling people how horrible they are. No, this is real science shit.

Having investigated the salivary gland tissues within mammals, they saw the genes had a similar pattern of activity to that seen in snake venom glands – therefore concluding that salivary glands in mammals and venom glands in snakes share an ancient functional core.


Insert every ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend and my mother-in-law joke here. This is a person who is into some kinky shit worst nightmare. There are some people who looked like they were attacked by a shark with bite marks, or attacked by a vacuum with giant hickeys.

These people will start to drop like flies. Smoking a little bath salts will turn humans into god damn zombies so who knows what shit is hidden deep in our genetics. I’m not excited for the strange people on Tik Tok to take this shit to heart and when they hiss at the camera they actually believe they are a snake and venomous.

Also everybody knows the kids in high school who actually believe they’re a horse, wolf, or whatever other animal you want to insert. Is there going to be a huge boom in snake girls now?


Wolf girl has made an iconic comeback… I claim this song to be the anthem of the Wolf Clan, my wolflings. 😡😼😎🐺 #fyp #foryou

♬ We own the night – Pup Enenra

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