There’s A War Happening On The Internet, And Dog Mommy’s and Daddy’s Are Leading It

Everybody knows those people on social media who post the only pictures of their dogs, their Instagram stories look like little lines of coke as they have an hour-long video of their dog, and the first thing in their bio is Dog Mommy or Dog Daddy. I love dogs as much as the next person, my entire life, I grew up having multiple dogs, and the first thing I did when I moved out was figure out how to get my own dog.

Now I’m ready to get hate for this, but I bought my Golden Retriever from a breeder. I know I’m the biggest piece of shit for not adopting and that I deserve to burn in hell for buying a dog. I’ve wanted a Golden Retriever forever, and for my first dog, I wasn’t going to try and wait forever to find a Golden to adopt. I wanted a brand new puppy to grow up with my kid and know that she’ll turn into an amazing family dog. When I saw this tweet, the first thing I did was laugh at the agency’s response and then check the replies, which I knew would be a shit show.

I feel like this woman wanted to sound good on her application and said she likes to go on hikes and runs. Everybody lies on their applications regardless of what it’s for. You make yourself seem like the best person when in reality, you do the least amount of work and lay on your couch all day. This backfired for this lady as they quickly told her that Angel isn’t suitable for active, running, and hiking. I wish I knew what kind of dog this was because, in my head, it’s an English Bulldog or Bassett Hound who wants to lay around all day and chill. She would’ve hated it is the cherry on top.

I’ve scrolled through 100 replies, and we have some great ones. Most of them are stories about other adoption agencies not allowing people to adopt, but there are some gems.

I can’t tell if this person is serious or sarcastic. I want to say that the original tweet is sarcasm, but Dog Daddy’s are very serious.

Sure picking up dog shit and dog piss can suck. At the same time, though, your entire day is filled with dogs, and how bad can that really be?

Jesus Christ, just making assumptions that this woman is rich and entitled. I had no idea rescuing a dog that you want to take on hikes with you automatically makes you rich.

This has nothing to do with dogs, but there are rat adoptions?? I don’t want to make it seem like I come from a long line of white trash, but my grandpa used to have a rat when I was growing up. That thing would sit on his shoulder while he drank beers and smoked cigs. That rat probably had black lung inhaling all of that 2nd hand smoke.

Written by Mailman Dave

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