These FSU Cheerleaders Had The Perfect Response To The Shocking Loss To Jacksonville State

These cheerleaders the entire game had to perform tricks, pump up the crowd, and then at the last second, their team let a hail mary happen, and they lost the game. College football is fucking insane, and I love every second of it. Florida State used to be a great school; there should be no reason that a team like Jacksonville State, who I didn’t know, even had a football team until tonight comes in and beat them. Only in College can a David vs. Goliath game like this happen. If you were too busy getting hammered to see the last play here, it is.

At the goddamn buzzer, the last play of the game, if that doesn’t work, there’s no hope, but somehow Jacksonville State found a way. I don’t blame the cheerleaders for reacting like that; I’m positive that’s how 99% of the fans were. A little side note the one dude to the right of the girl looks like your typical male cheerleader, but the one on the left looks like the guy who tells you, dude, you know how many hot chicks I get to see every day? I throw and catch those babes; of course, I’m on the cheer squad. If going down 0-2, letting a team like Jacksonville State, who probably plays on a field that resembles the Sandlot beat you, wasn’t enough. Jacksonville State planted their flag on the 50-yard line adding more insult to injury.

I’m shocked nobody from Florida State came in and fought these players. You give up a hail mary and then get a flag planted on your logo; that’s enough reasons to throw hands. Oh, wait, they are too busy making Tik Toks and dancing to do that…

Another great week of college football is almost done, and I can’t wait for next weekend. Football is back, and it’s fucking amazing.

P.S. Hat tip to whatever crazy bastards had Jacksonville State Moneyline. I doubt there were many of you, but that hail mary was extra amazing for you. You could’ve made that bet over on Wynn Bet if you had the power to go back in time since I know that none of you were smart or crazy enough to do that before the game.

Written by Mailman Dave

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