Things Every Guy Should Be Elite At

Shot of father throwing a football to his son on a field

As a male, there are some things we can be bad at. According to my ex-girlfriend, mine was communication. (I miss you babe) We also need to be very good at other things, some might even argue we need to be elite at them. Here is a list of things I think every guy should be elite at to become a true man.

Finding A Place To Pee In Public: God gave us a hose for us to pee anywhere and we need to know how to use it. Whether you are drunk or sober, finding an appropriate bush, tree, or alleyway is a skill we all need to be elite at.

Short Phone Calls: If you have a phone call conversation over 1 minute, you shouldn’t be allowed to possess a man card. I think it is in our DNA from wartime to have short concise conversations with information-packed dialogue.

Taking Shots: You gotta be able to take a shot at a bar if someone asks you. If you can’t take back a shot of hard liquor without making a face, you’re soft pal.

Small Talk: Being able to small talk with your wife boyfriend or the random guy at the bar should be something every male is good at.

Throwing Balls: Have you ever seen a granola-looking guy who looks like he’s never thrown a ball in his life? Yeah, don’t be that guy.

Packing A Cooler: You gotta be able to pack a cooler and I MEAN WELL. Not just dump the beer and ice in together. There has to be a rhyme and reason in the way you pack it.

Written by TFM Stelly

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