Things I Will Be Doing This Semester:

The pattern is not a colored pencil on a light blue background. Minimalistic office background.

As I enter my last year of college, I often ponder where I will be next summer. Working for TFM? Selling Cut-Co knives to my best friend’s parents? Work in the coal mines? Only time will tell. In the meantime, I want to grab the last semester by the cojones and enjoy it.

Pregame my 8 AM: You’re probably thinking, “Why are you taking an 8 AM as a Senior?” Well, because my prestigious university does not offer any other finance classes that I need at a later time, therefore Fourlokos before Finance.

Not Talk To Freshman: This seems like something that needs to be said to some of my friends. You’re almost 22 years old, you should not be snooping through the @Classof2027 Instagram account.

Go To Office Hours: Sometimes you just need a friend and I would love to talk shop with my professors this semester.

Doing My Work: This has been a struggle for me over the last 3 years. I typically forget to do my homework until I have about 45 minutes left before the turn-in date. Good thing we now have AI.

AI: I feel like I am in the renaissance of school right now. ChatGPT helped me pass every class last semester.

Watch More College Football: I am not sure I can physically watch more college football than I do now, but I will try and do it. The first person to make Redzone for College Football will be the richest man alive. I would love to see Alabama score and then immediately transition to Toledo driving against Western Michigan.

Use Student Discounts: I’m not sure how much longer my student discounts will be valid so I really have to take advantage of them. This means I will 100% be using my last eligible year of student discounts to buy my Ski pass.

Written by TFM Stelly

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