Things To “Get The Party Started”

Portrait Of Male Friends Enjoying Night Out At Rooftop Bar

As we have passed the unofficial halfway point of summer, there is still some time to end up blacked out in a bush after a great night out. Here are some things that you can do that turn a normal night into an all-timer:

Calling a Group Shotgun: Personally, nothing gets my boys going like some yelling “shotgun” and then the onslaught of everyone grabbing an ice-cold beer from the cooler/fridge and racing to see who can finish it first. If you really wanna get the party going, someone needs to record it and post it on Snapchat so everyone knows you guys are tapped in.

Shots: This is almost like calling a shotgun, but I think this is more prevalent at bars. Taking a shot with the boys can turn the night from a “chill night” to asking your plug for a bag at 3AM.N

Crime: Nothing gets the boys going like a petty crime. Examples: Stealing a cone/doing drugs

Circling the Wagons: At some point, everyone needs to get around and ask each other “Are we going hard tonight?”. If you have good friends, the answer is always “Yes!”. Circle the Wagons and Go Hard every time

Taking the Top Off: Like a subconscious cue that is coded in our DNA, when you see someone take their shirt off, you follow. “Popping the top” always gets the boys going at a pregame or party.

Desk Pops: If you haven’t seen The Other Guys, please stop reading and go watch. Desk pops will surely get the boys going.

Snow: Who knew it snowed on the beach in the middle of July?

Playing “The Song”: Every friend group has “the song” that gets everyone going. It could be something by AC/DC or NBA Youngboy, but you better bump it.

Written by TFM Stelly

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