Things You Don’t Miss About College When You Get Home

I’ve been back from college for less than twenty-four hours, and there’s already several things that I do not miss whatsoever from being at school. Of course, you’ll want to go back after about four days, but these are the things you can really enjoy while away from college.

The Laundry Situation

It doesn’t matter if you have it free, pay for it in your house, or have to go to a laundromat. Doing laundry at your house is always easier. Any college student should know for certain that whatever washer or dryer they have to use on a weekly basis is complete and total crap, and that’s not the case when you get back home.


Whether or not you’re on a meal plan or making your own food at college, eating gets infinitely better when you get home. The fridge has things other than tortillas and a Mexican blend of shredded cheese or hotdogs with sliced bread for buns. And dining halls everywhere suck compared to anything homemade, so home food is the winner.

Shower Pressure

Dorm, apartment, off-campus house, whatever – you’re very rarely going to encounter any place to live on a college campus that doesn’t have a shower that makes you feel like you’re standing under the piss stream of a 74-year-old man. It’s beautiful to get out of a shower and actually feel like you’re fully cleaned for the first time in months.


Adults typically like to keep a house clean, which cannot be said for most college males across America. It was dangerous to walk without shoes on throughout my house at school, and now that I’m back I no longer have to deal with a constant smell of spilled beer, sweat, and rotting food that typically flows through a college house.

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