This Is Not A Drill NCAA Football Is Coming Back

After a long 7 year hiatus NCAA College Football is finally coming back. The world has changed a lot since 2014 we went from dumping buckets of ice on our heads for ALS, too swimming in sanitizer to avoid COVID. Kim Kardashian and Kanye got married in 2014, and they are already getting a divorce before we get a new NCAA game. I think most of the public would’ve bet they would have gotten a divorce before a new NCAA game even if EA released it in 2015.

This isn’t going to be some bullshit Maximum Football 2019, where they try to trick you that it’s college, and they have no real teams, no bands, no stadiums, and no real players. No, EA is coming back with the real deal, we will get the entire college football experience. All that will be missing is drunken 60 year olds slamming beers with 19 year olds in the parking lot.

We might have to wait at least a year for the new game, but fuck it, the Xbox will probably be on Xbox 900, and Playstation will be on Playstation 6, but we get to waste away our nights pretending you’re a real college coach. Let’s be real sitting in your underwear as empty beer bottles, and piss filled jugs scattered around your room are better than going out to any party. Just don’t forget to drop the bag to get those 5 star recruits.

We already have teams photoshopping their players on the cover of this hypothetical video game, and players are coming out wishing they could be on the cover.

All of these schools can photoshop all they want, but we all know the school that will come out on top will be whichever one drops the biggest bag.

The best part of NCAA Football isn’t playing online against random 12 year olds who will tell you that they fucked your mom as they kick your ass. It’s being a coach and jumping from a shitty MAC school to a power 5 school, and leading all of those teams to a National Championship. Minutes turn into hours as you get lost recruiting players, and progressing to the year 2040. Regardless of the game play being able to build out a college program will be the best part of this video game. I just hope they’re smart and put in the College Playoffs, and maybe we even get a chance to expand the playoff to 8 teams.

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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