This Is Not Who Needs a GoFundMe

That’s right. A family with a literal prince got a GoFundMe. 

After their “split” from the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle voiced their need to pay off their $14.6 million California estate. Luckily, a woman from California is gonna save this multi-million dollar family by enlisting the help of the internet.

Anastasia Hanson, a woman from California started a GoFundMe page for the family in hopes to raise enough money for them to afford their new house. She said, “They’ve stated that they’ve had a very rough time, so this fundraiser is a way to give help, compassion, and love by paying their home loan in full.” This baffles me that a person can be this compassionately stupid. Trust me, Anastasia, these two rich fucks don’t need your money. I like how they bought this mansion and then complained as if they have no money. 

Well, how much do these wonderful down-to-earth-not-inside-a-bubble-completely-rational people need? You might be asking yourself. Don’t worry, Anastasia has broken it down for all of us simpletons to understand. She said, “Were 2 million supporters to donate just $5 each, the Goal is met and the loan can be paid off.” That’s right! But why pay so much? Because if 3.61 million supporters donate just one dollar then we can reach the goal and we only have to pay a dollar! Isn’t math fun?

I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that this actually happened or that the GoFundMe only got $110 dollars. Yea. That’s not a screenshot from like the first minute, that’s the total amount donated to help these poor insanely rich people. The GoFundMe is no longer up so look out Harry and Megan, we poor people are sending you a crisp $110 dollars as a way of saying fuck you.

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