The Qatari government is trying to “censor” the clothing of female volleyball players. The FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) has been on a world tour and next month is planning a visit to Doha, Qatar. The women’s division of the FIVB was told that any woman who plays in the games cannot wear their usual bikini uniforms as it is against the Qatari government’s rules for women. “Female players have been asked to wear long shirts and trousers for the event”. Long shirts and trousers? These bitches ain’t going camping, they are smacking a supporting actor for Tom Hanks around in bikinis… why would anyone want to stop that?

This comes as a shock to me that we, as a people, are still playing along with these completely out-of-date “rules” that countries have. If these women want to play in bikinis as part of a world tour volleyball extravaganza, then why does that make people so mad?. Karla Borger and a few other women players in the tournament have spoken out about this recent decision saying “This is really the only country and the only tournament where a government tells us how to do our job – we are criticizing that.” 

What a bunch of incel fuckheads. That’s not volleyball. Volleyball isn’t wearing a full-piece suit trying not to get your cufflinks dirty. Volleyball is body positive. Nobody cares what you look like let’s just have fun. As soon as you step into the weirdly uneven boundaries in the sand you are in a nonjudgment bubble of bikini buds and shredded simpletons. Sure there are always those try-hard douchebags that just got their pump on before the game started, but it’s obvious and fun to watch them parade around thinking they are the shit so no harm no foul (are there fouls in volleyball?). How dare these out-of-date women-hating idiots to try and take away one of the last public places I was okay with taking my shirt off.

Due to the massive pushback by the women of volleyball, I wouldn’t be surprised if they changed their minds or at least canceled the tour, but I really want to see how this plays out. What do you think?

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