This Woman Could Crack Your Head Like It’s A Watermelon

This Las Vegas woman crushed 3 watermelons in under 8 seconds to set a new world record. She didn’t use her arms, her feet, nope, she used her thighs. Before watching this video, if you have headphones turn that shit way down. These screams are 10 times as loud as tennis players.

At the end of this video, the news anchor shares a little nugget that it takes 364 lbs of force to crush a watermelon and 520 lbs of force to crush a human’s skull. The fact that his co-anchor is shocked that he knows this is hilarious. Clearly, she’s never been down on a big or super fit girl before and had to worry about having his head popped like a pimple. That would be a horrible way to go; you’re down there being nice waiting until you’ve done enough until you can have sex, and then boom, your head goes splat.

Kortney Olson broke the record at the opening of her new store, and looking at how easily she cracked that first watermelon; I’m willing to bet she can explode a human skull. Not to throw out stereotypes or assume anything, but I don’t think any guys need to worry about having their heads exploded; women, on the other hand, be careful.

Written by Mailman Dave

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