This Woman Had No Time For A Bunch Of College Students Screaming At 6 In The Morning

Maybe this is your first time visiting the big apple, and what better way than finishing the night than chilling on the fire escape? You’ve seen countless tv shows and movies of people laughing and screaming on the fire escape, and you want to live that life. Well, what tv shows and movies don’t show is the people who live in NYC and are just normal people living their life, and don’t want to be woken up at 6 in the morning by a bunch of drunken idiots. This woman has no time for these drunken fools.

She had enough and had to tell these people to shut the fuck up. It’s hard to tell what exactly she is saying, but there’s a lot of shutting the fuck ups flying. These college kids are going from living their best life to extremely confused. They start leaning over the railing and try telling her to relax. That’s never the correct thing to say, ever. That makes the anger boil over, and I’m shocked we didn’t get a follow-up video of her walking up that fire escape and kicking some ass. I actually found the follow-up video, and it’s not even close to as exciting as you can imagine.

What a shitty way to end a bender. You go from living your best life and perfectly starting the summer. To then getting yelled at like you’re a 12-year-old who is being too loud on your Xbox party.

Regardless keep partying it up, and if you have a Karen scream at you, that just makes the night more memorable.

Written by Mailman Dave

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