Three Best Things to Do With the Fellas on Summer Break

Decimate a Public Golf Course

For about 90% of guys – especially guys in college – golf is not something you’re great at. There will always be a guy that’s a little better than the rest, but in general no one’s out there to set a course record. That’s why getting the boys together for a round of golf at the local public course is one of the best summer activities. After the fifth hole, when the one kid that refuses to believe he sucks shanks his eighth ball into the woods, the round will devolve pretty quickly – Happy Gilmore drives off every tee box, bumper golf carts, and a beer for every ball you lose. It’s complete debauchery, and you’ll most likely be asked not to return, but that’s next summer’s problem.

High Stakes Poker Night

The definition of “High Stakes” by a college kid on summer break is probably a little different than somebody who frequents a casino every weekend, but throw $25-$50 in per person and you’re ready for a solid night of gambling. As long as you try to stay more sober than most of the room, you’re probably going to be in pretty good shape to come out with some real money after one dickhead inevitably goes all in on a pair of sevens thinking that after nine beers he’s just as talented as Matt Damon’s character in Rounders.

Go to a Wedding

This one’s a bit tougher, but if you can find a way to finesse a way into a wedding with four of your best friends, I highly recommend it. It’s even better if you can get into one with an open bar. I know it’s not like wedding invites get thrown around willy-nilly but go mind over matter and figure it out. Wedding receptions are unbelievably fun, and it’s even better if you have no real reason for being there. 

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