Three of the Worst Friends to Have at College

The Over-Sharer

This person will never do anything too awful to you specifically, but Jesus Christ, he’s a liability in any group situation that involves people you don’t know all too well. Sure, you’ll be friendly enough with people to have them over, drink a few beers, and shoot the shit, but no one needs to hear the details of the intensity of this kid’s breakup from four years ago at a Friday night pre-game. Like I said, the offense here will never come directly to you, but this guy makes the rest of the group look terrible.

The Mooch

Some people get to college and make a good group of friends. Most people continue to make friends as the years go on. This is where a mooch is absolutely brutal. One of the greatest things about college is that even though you have a core group that you’re super tight with, there’s often nights that you expand your horizons and hang out with other people. Not this guy. He hasn’t found a plan of his own since freshman year, and when he inevitably asks you to come along to a night that wasn’t meant to include him, it sucks a whole lot when he ends up sulking in the corner and complaining how, “No one’s talking to me, bro.”

The Bankrupt

Does this kid ever have money? No. Does he ever have a job? No. It wouldn’t be a big deal except for the fact that his plans are completely limited to whether or not someone is willing to cover his bar tab for the night. He’s lovable, sure, but opening up your wallet to pay for a kid that’s going to leave your Venmo request sitting there for six weeks is one of the more infuriating things you’ll have to deal with for any of your friends in college. Fucking brutal.

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