Three Reasons Why Gym Bros Are Better Than Gym Girlfriends

If you’re on any side of “GymTok” like I am, I’m certain you’ve seen videos of obnoxious gym couples flaunting their love to the public eye. Despite an initial gag reflex, these videos might make you yearn for a gym girlfriend. Sure, it may be nice not to feel a crippling sense of loneliness for once, but I’d be careful what you wish for. A gym girlfriend, in theory, could be fun to have. However, I would argue that having a close gym bro is immensely more enjoyable. If you don’t believe me, here are three reasons why the saying “bros before hoes” rings true in the gym: 

Time Efficiency

Unless you’re dating an absolute behemoth of a woman, there usually is a significant strength difference between you and your gym girlfriend. Due to this grand disparity, you’ll likely spend at least thirty minutes of your workout stripping off and re-racking weights (your girlfriend will never help with this part). Because of this monotonous task, a simple leg day turns into a three-hour event that will drag worse than the newest Avatar movie. Everyone’s time is valuable, which is exactly why the gym bro is much more optimal than the gym girlfriend. Working out with a gym bro with comparable strength to yours is the best way to reach those gains without having to spend half of your day at the gym. The process of changing weight is incredibly faster with two people as opposed to one, meaning that you can get your entire workout in and grab some Chipotle all within two hours. Not to mention, a great gym bro is always down to skip cardio. 

Freedom of the Eyes

Checking out other women is a problem for men in relationships regardless of where they might be, but it’s a particularly common issue when you’re in the gym. When you’re working out with your girlfriend, spacing out in a random direction is NOT an option. If you spend more than five seconds gazing toward a woman, you can kiss your little fellas goodbye. I’ve found that looking directly at the floor or ceiling will usually cover your bases, but where’s the fun in that? This stress while being at the gym with a girlfriend is completely unnecessary. However, it all goes away when you ditch that gym GF for the homie. When you lift with a gym bro, not only are you allowed to look at other women in the gym, it’s actually encouraged. While neither you nor your gym bro will muster up the courage to talk to any person of the female gender in the gym, there’s no better feeling than hitting a bench PR and convincing yourself that the girl in the pink biker shorts was watching you the whole time. 

Pure Motivation

A lot of dudes in relationships claim that their girlfriend is their “best friend”, but will your girlfriend verbally abuse you prior to you squatting 315 pounds? I didn’t think so. While it might be fun and laidback to work out with a gym girlfriend, lifting with the gym bro is the only path to real results. If I need a good slap in the face before getting under an unsafe amount of weight on bench, I can count on my gym bro every time. Maybe you’re dating the female version of Jordan Peterson who can give you the best motivational speeches before every set you have, but I’d venture to say that’s not the case for most of us. Sure, a lot of the time any sort of motivational speech from the gym bro might not make any sense whatsoever, however, I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Obviously, if you’re in a happy gym relationship, I’m not advising you to flat-out destroy it. But remember, whenever you hit a plateau in your gym progress, a good lift with the gym bro is all the steroids you need.

Written by the godfather

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