Three Things All Guys Hide From Their Friends

No matter how self-conscious a man is, there are some things that he will certainly keep hidden from his friends. There is some image that men keep in front of their friends. This is a total fabrication that would be destroyed if certain aspects of their personality were revealed. Here are three things that all guys keep hidden from their friends. 

Conversations with Girls

Any man who is willing to show their friends the conversations they have with a woman lack self-awareness in at least one major area. A conversation a guy has with a girl they have any interest in will surely consist of a new set of language so soft and emotional they better not want their friends to see it. Either that, or a guy talks to women the way he talks to everyone else, and his friends would tear him apart for that too. Either way, a guy should keep the talks with the men and women in his life separate. 

Solo Music Preferences

The Bear blew up the spot of men all over the country with that Taylor Swift scene. It was a societal understanding that we all secretly like one or two female pop singers. We all shamelessly blast their music when alone in the car. Taylor Swift is a popular pick. But it can be Katy Perry, Beyonce, ABBA, or anything else that a group of college guys would never be caught dead listening to. We all have some of these songs when we are alone in the car. None of our friends are to ever see them under any circumstances. 

The Bathroom Dance Routine

Anyone without this routine is untrustworthy. You get out of the shower. The music is still playing. It doesn’t matter if it’s while brushing his teeth, combing his hair, or admiring himself in the mirror. All men take advantage of his this privacy and go full on Footloose. Whether it’s a freestyle dance routine, or a new rendition of the dance scene from Pulp Fiction, all guys do this. The biggest consistency between this for all men, is that they would never do it in front of their friends.

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