Three Things All Guys Love

I recently watched Gladiator for the first time. I’m not saying I’d rather grow up in that time, but it sure does seem a lot simpler for men. All they had to do was try to find someone to kill, and a snack to have after. This seems great to me because of how simple, and universal the interests of men are. Here are a few more things that all guys love. 

The Pinch Itch

I’m not bothered by comments saying I’m less talented than the bloggers who preceded me on this site. It’s certainly not because of a quality self-esteem. It has to do almost entirely to do with their usage of the term pinch itch. It’s a term that has floated on this site since I was just a reader, and I think it summarizes the experience of a man in two words. You have an itch on the wrinkly part of your man hood. You get rid of it with somewhat of a pinch and roll maneuver. All men love this. 


This one really divides the genders. As far as I’m concerned, this term hit the public a few short years ago. As much as I get a woman’s point of view of hating when this happens to them, I think they should put themselves in our shoes. Explaining something in great detail when it’s not needed because of a personal excess of knowledge is more fun than any sexual experience I’ve ever had (admittedly a small number). I’m dying to mansplain why The Godfather has become underrated at all times. 

That One Embarrassing Singer

I wanted to simply write Taylor Swift for this one. The problem was when I gathered the courage to tell my friend that I like a lot of Taylor Swift songs, and 100 percent of the songs she made before 2017, he disagreed. He instead offered Katy Perry as his guilty pleasure singer. I personally find Katy Perry to be as good of a singer as I am an NBA point guard. The worst of all time. Either way, every guy has that one guilty pleasure singer that he loves as much as his least favorite sibling.

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