Three Things That No Guy Wants His Friends to See

There are many things that guys don’t care about people seeing. For the most part, dudes are pretty carefree when it comes to stuff that their friends probably don’t need to see or know about, but there are certain things that guys would rather die than have their friends see.

YouTube Watch History

There is nothing worse than pulling up YouTube on a TV and having to speed through your searching to make sure that no one finds out what is in your search history, watchlist, whatever it is. Most of the time it’s not even that bad, and your friends are probably watching similar things. For whatever reason, though, your YouTube history feels more private than your porn history. People just should not be seeing it.

That One Playlist

We all have that playlist. Maybe it’s filled with Mamma Mia songs, Taylor Swift, or One Direction – maybe it’s Satanic death metal. Whatever it might be, every guy has a playlist that is for his ears only. You don’t play it on a speaker or in the car, you just pop headphones in when you’re alone in your room, and that’s it. No one ever needs to see what’s on it.

Conversations with Girls

It doesn’t matter if it’s a message on Tinder, a Snapchat, or texts with your girlfriend. Everybody knows that what a guy says to a girl in private is going to be some of the softest shit he’ll ever do. You’ll say stuff to a girl that, if seen by your friends, would immediately cause them to think less of you as a person. It doesn’t matter that they’re sending messages just as soft to their girlfriends. You keep that shit close to the chest because it’s by far the most embarrassing thing anyone could find out about.

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