Three TV Shows You Should Start Watching Right Now 

For those of us who haven’t watched Game of Thrones, and are therefore left off of the House of the Dragon hype train, I decided to compile a short list of some great TV shows that I’ve previously watched or am currently binging right now. If you’re like me and have the attention span of a two-year-old – don’t worry – these shows aren’t much of a time commitment at all but will still have you totally hooked.

What We Do In The Shadows

Created by the brilliant minds of Taiki Waiti (the director of Thor: Love and Thunder) and Jermaine Clement, What We Do In The Shadows details the lives of three subpar vampires who attempt to take over the magnificent area of Staten Island. Similar to The Office, a camera crew tails along on the ridiculous and crude adventures that go down in vampire nightclubs, Atlantic City casinos, and hundreds of other bizarre settings. Season three of What We Do In The Shadows is currently airing weekly on FX, and I must say these episodes are undoubtedly the highlight of my week. And, with each episode only lasting thirty minutes, you’ll have no issues catching up if you happen to fall behind (trust me, you won’t).

The Boys 

Even though The Boys has amassed an insane amount of popularity on social media, I still think I’m justified in advocating for you all to watch it. With such a twisted-yet-humoristic take on “superheroes” and the corrupt lives most of them would live in the real world, The Boys is a one-of-a-kind show that I truly think everyone needs to see. Despite its gruesome brutality, the great cast of characters makes for such an enthralling watch, especially Homelander and Hughie.

Regular Show 

A bit of a throwback to most of our childhoods, Regular Show is an easy and fun binge that you can throw on at any time. I must have rewatched all of the seasons of Regular Show at least five times, and with each run-through, I swear I find new episodes every time. Who could’ve thought that so much stupid action could happen over a span of eleven minutes? Before you write Regular Show off as “childish” (how dare you), give it a try and I promise you will be more than satisfied.

Written by the godfather

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