Three Valid Reasons to Skip Class

Skipping class is inevitable in college. While looked down upon heavily throughout your childhood, missing a lecture or two won’t put an end to your college career like our parents have tried to tell us. Sure, you might feel an overwhelming sense of guilt at first, but that usually passes after a couple of minutes. In all honesty, there are multiple instances in which you shouldn’t feel any guilt at all for skipping. With that said, here are three valid reasons to skip one of your college classes:

Reason #1: You’re tired

After a long night of grinding 2K24 completing all your assignments, you might not be able to get enough sleep before your 11:00 am class the next morning. Don’t sweat it though – your sleep and well-being is the most important thing. If that alarm goes off but your body simply says, “No”, then just go back to sleep. Being a little tired is a perfectly sound reason for skipping class. In fact, this excuse isn’t just limited to morning classes either. On some days, you might have a whopping three classes (inhumane, if you ask me). By the time you get to that third class, it’s a miracle if you can even keep your eyes open. Oftentimes, you’ll debate between going to class or going back to the house to take a nap. Give yourself a break and just take a nap, my friend. 

Reason #2: It’s nice outside

If you go to a school in the Midwest like I do, you know that warm sunny days come around once in a blue moon. So, if it’s above seventy degrees out and the sun is shining, class can wait. Always remember that your games of beer die are numbered but school can last forever. Obviously, you don’t want school to last forever, but you get my point. Once you get past twenty-five, hucking die on a random Tuesday just isn’t acceptable anymore (I hate societal norms). 

The best thing about nice days in college is that you’ll never feel like a bum for skipping since everyone is skipping. I guarantee that if you sent a text to your fraternity group chat asking to run pickup basketball on a beautiful day, nearly everyone would show up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to be a bad influence. I’m just telling you to include everybody. 

Reason #3: You don’t like the class

Let’s face it – some classes we take in college suck. No matter how optimistic you try to be, College Calculus or Introductory Spanish will never be enjoyable. I’d agree that simply avoiding things you don’t like in life is a bad habit to build. But, I think we can all cut ourselves some slack when it comes to these brutal gen-eds. As long as your attendance doesn’t massively impact your grade in the class, just skip it. Make sure you know when your exams are and do at least some of your assignments, but other than that, use your time in a more productive manner. Skipping classes like these give you the opportunity to spend more time on your real classes – or get day drunk with the fellas. Either way works. 

Now, you might have a semester or two throughout your college experience where all of your classes suck. I had one of those during this past spring semester and let me tell you, I’ve never been closer to dropping school entirely so I can become a Navy SEAL (how sick would that be?). But, you just have to get through it and eventually, things won’t be all that terrible. If your semester class schedule is loaded top-to-bottom with duds, pick and choose the classes to skip so you’re not entirely present in all of them but also not a complete NPC. This method should get you through the semester without impulsively fleeing the country.

Written by the godfather

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